• 2 Bader Street / Bloomfield, Iowa / 52537

Tyler McClure


One of the founding “M’s” of M3 Fab

Sam McClure


Another one of the Founding “M’s” from M3

Jack Boatman


Family friend with vast experience, a natural fit for the company

Jacob Jones


Fresh out of college & ready to work

Jenni McClure

Office Manager

Able to herd cats if needed

Bob Rysdam

Shop Floor Supervisor


Bobby Fields

Welder / Fabricator

Kalab Ornduff

Welder / Fabricator

Brett Briggs

Welder / Fabricator

Jerid Grim

Laser Operator / Utility

Tyler Bollman

CNC Press Operator

Chris Kissell

Welder / Fabricator

Will Bollman

Press Brake & Laser Operator

Rocky Lee

Laser Parts Picker

Austin Erwine

Powder Coater

*All Welders are AWS D1.1 certified

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